"Beauty remains in the impossibilities of the body."

-Blixa Bargeld

The Hanne K Undectet is an atemporal improvisational ensemble oriented around non-electronic instruments, played by the following individuals:

Hanne K: alto saxophone, electric bass, acoustic guitar
Stephanie Smith: violin, bowed glockenspiel
James Lake: bass clarinet, ocarina
Sam Jones: ocarina, piano, pipe organ, violin
Ethan Braun: piano, electric organ
Patrick Shiroishi: alto & soprano saxophones
Pauline Lay: violin
Ang Wilson: flute, singing bowl
Tim Clark: electric bass
Vikram Devasthali: trombone, voice, acoustic guitar

Recorded in August 2018. Engineered by Sam Jones. Mixed and assembled by Hanne K.

Cover art by Raphael Arar.

We'd like to offer our special thanks to Randy Baer & Trevor Blake for their invaluable assistance & non-musical participation.
© 2019