Originally composed in September 2007 and found 12 years later, languishing on an archival DVD hidden at the back of a desk drawer, "A Game With Shifting Mirrors" is a deceptively simple piece - materially-speaking, it's simply 45 minutes of repeating electric guitar harmonics, subtle whammy bar action, and minimalistic above-the-nut investigations. If memory serves, it was played on a bone-white Fender Stratocaster, recorded directly into what was then the current iteration of Ableton Live, with, at most, a small amount of VST reverb, though perhaps no effects at all. Immaterially-speaking, however, it is nothing short of an aural psychomanteum, allowing the attentive listener a glimpse into a forgotten world, an encounter with a separate self, a slip between the cracks of time into the holographic simultaneity underlying the domain of matter.
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