Wyatt Keusch is a Canadian-German musician, generally of the "esoteric electronic" variety. He has a BFA from the Music School at CalArts, but he’s not letting that slow him down. He is a proud amateur, and is the last person you should ask for music business advice. He used to be signed to a label, and played a lot of shows, but was eventually able to admit to himself that he’d really rather just hang out with his wife or play Magic: The Gathering or Mario Kart with Sam Jones and Vikram Devasthali. He, Sam and Vikram also make music together as Luther Burbank.

Despite his taste for self-effacement in bio writing, Wyatt really does love the music he makes, and the people he makes it with. He would go completely insane without this wholesome creative outlet, and puts his best energy into making music. He simply has a bee in his bonnet about all this marketing / image nonsense, and would prefer to side-step that cesspit entirely. He’s a person who does a thing, does it well, and loves doing it. That’s all.

Since 2013, he has worked professionally as a part of Cargo Collective, who make the platform on which this lovely website is built, and is very happy to have found a place amongst such wonderfully interesting people. If you need a website, that’s where he’ll point you.

As music is not his profession, 100% of the proceeds of sales on his Bandcamp page will be donated to the ACLU. As a good Canadian child, he was raised to believe in a kinder and more inclusive world, and as a good German child, he is all too aware of what can happen when our humanity is poisoned by hatred. Since America is having some problems, he feels that whatever money his music drums up would be put to better use helping build that kinder and more inclusive world, rather than expanding his Magic card collection.

His only social media presence is a private instagram account, where he posts pictures of his cats for his 114 “followers” (i.e. his friends, family and a handful of randos). There’s a link to it up at the top of this page, so feel free to send him a request if you want in on that sweet cat pic action.

If you want to get in touch with him for anything “serious”, it’s best to use the email link up at the top of this page, since he doesn’t actually have the instagram app on his phone, and thus doesn’t necessarily see the messages anyone might be sending there.

Be excellent to each other.
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